BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
agarnetbug2document agarnet bugFlorian Jung6 years
demonstrate_on_cell_eaten_issueDemonstrate that on_cell_eaten gets called for unknown cellsFlorian Jung6 years
fancyclientforgot to add m(Florian Jung6 years
masterugly hack: only run gui+strategy on world updatesFlorian Jung6 years
pathfindingMerge branch 'master' into pathfindingFlorian Jung6 years
strategy-reworkMerge branch 'master' into strategy-reworkFlorian Jung6 years
tastynessrate quality of food, avoid close-to-wall or close-to-enemy food, prefer clos...Florian Jung6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-03-02ugly hack: only run gui+strategy on world updatesHEADmasterFlorian Jung
2016-03-02re-enable escape modeFlorian Jung
2016-03-02update to new agarnetFlorian Jung
2016-02-03license fooFlorian Jung
2016-02-03stuff?Florian Jung
2015-10-15update to newer agarnetFlorian Jung
2015-09-28fix party modeFlorian Jung
2015-09-23mechanic fix (plus more)Florian Jung
2015-09-23gui fixesFlorian Jung Jung