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compiled_notesLoaded note-shared-objects are now unloadedFlorian Jung11 years
freq_envUpdated TODO-listFlorian Jung11 years
masterwhoops, corrected wrong copyright headerFlorian Jung8 years
updated_compilerFirst try to make the compiler up-to-dateFlorian Jung11 years
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2014-01-25whoops, corrected wrong copyright headerHEADmasterFlorian Jung
2013-05-19GPLizedFlorian Jung
2013-05-19READMEFlorian Jung
2013-05-19optimizationsFlorian Jung
2012-04-12use precalculated phase_increment instead of calculating it everyFlorian Jung
2012-04-11added FM-list (brings between 0% and 15% performance improvement)Florian Jung
2012-04-06improved inter-thread communication.Florian Jung
2012-04-04reset filter-envelopes instead of reattackingFlorian Jung
2011-02-14Clean enabling/disabling of frameskip and watching per definesFlorian Jung
2011-02-12Sawtooth and pulse-waves have now variable phasesFlorian Jung