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masterstuff? dunnoFlorian Jung6 years
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2016-02-03stuff? dunnoHEADmasterFlorian Jung
2014-09-07updated patch to apply cleanly against mupen64plus-inpt-sdl-2.0Florian Jung
2014-09-07always use patched-input method, instead of using uinput under linux.Florian Jung
2014-09-07use JOYSTICK_{UINPUT,PATCHEDINPUTPLUGIN} #defines instead of FREEBSD/LINUXFlorian Jung
2014-09-06gitignore. finally.Florian Jung
2014-09-06./ script m)Florian Jung
2014-09-06fixed makefile to work with gnumakeFlorian Jung
2014-09-06got it working on gentooFlorian Jung
2014-09-06readme++, os.h defaults to linuxFlorian Jung
2013-05-19erst readme, dann lizenzmimimiFlorian Jung