AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-10incorporated ttencate's suggestionsHEADmasterFlorian Jung
2013-09-05Import assigned_to field using a user dictionaryFlorian Jung
2013-09-05Attach labels at creation time -> speedupFlorian Jung
2013-09-03Updated READMEFlorian Jung
2013-09-03Display progressFlorian Jung
2013-09-03Sort issues by 'most recently updated'Florian Jung
2013-09-03Cleanup junk from messagesFlorian Jung
2013-09-03Feature Requests tag fixFlorian Jung
2013-09-03Add tags for the 'resolution' fieldFlorian Jung
2013-09-03Write sf-id into title instead of tagspam.Florian Jung
2013-09-03Fixes for the 'bug', 'question', 'patch' tags.Florian Jung
2013-04-29Merge pull request #11 from floe/masterThomas ten Cate
2013-04-29tag feature reqs as enhancement
2013-04-29put timestamps into issues/comments
2013-04-29fix "none" labels
2013-04-29switch xml parser to one that actually works
2013-04-28fix json parser
2013-04-27hackish attempt to parse the new SF XML export format
2013-03-18Merge pull request #9 from ockham/smallfixesThomas ten Cate
2013-03-18Remove obsolete imports.Bernhard Reiter
2013-03-18Simplify HTTPBasicAuth arguments.Bernhard Reiter
2013-03-08Merge pull request #8 from exhuma/masterThomas ten Cate
2013-03-08Bugfix. ``response.json`` is should be a method.Michel Albert
2013-02-18Merge pull request #7 from waldir/patch-1Thomas ten Cate
2013-02-17minor change: add spaces after commasWaldir
2013-02-17Use semantic linebreaks; mention dependenciesWaldir
2012-12-08Merge pull request #6 from simsong/masterThomas ten Cate
2012-12-08handles error if not authenticatedSimson Garfinkel
2012-12-08Allows different username than reproSimson Garfinkel
2012-08-18Merge pull request #3 from fordfrog/masterThomas ten Cate
2012-08-03updated the code to work with github api v3Miroslav Ć ulc
2011-05-16Merge pull request #2 from albertz/masterThomas ten Cate
2011-05-13for one comment with len=509652, I was always getting a 500 error. stripping ...Albert Zeyer
2011-05-13strip chr(13) out of comment when printing on stdoutAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13handle HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error. just retry 5 times. then failAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13some prettier handling for start_idAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13some more error handling. esp 413, Request Entity Too LargeAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13Update the readme to match improvements by albertz. Also, the SF export bug h...Thomas ten Cate
2011-05-13Merge pull request #1 from albertz/masterThomas ten Cate
2011-05-13small fixAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13support for multiple trackers. also some more output and some safty user veri...Albert Zeyer
2011-05-13gitignoreAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13use better_exchookAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13small cleanupAlbert Zeyer from Zeyer
2011-05-13link to xml export descriptionAlbert Zeyer
2011-05-13no point in keeping two readmesAlbert Zeyer
2011-03-13Add pointer to svn conversion page.Thomas ten Cate
2011-03-13Fix encoding crash.Thomas ten Cate
2011-03-13Rename README to make GitHub use Markdown.Thomas ten Cate