AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-10-08more config markersHEADmasterCharly Root
2013-10-08allow posting by unknown email addressesCharly Root
2013-10-08fix complaining about attachment comment being NULLCharly Root
2013-10-07mark config with CONFIG_TODOCharly Root
2013-05-12Fixed bad variable name which prevents attachments from getting theJoel Uckelman
2012-03-18Ignore Vim swap files.Joel Uckelman
2012-03-18Moved list footer stripping to strip_list_footer().Joel Uckelman
2012-03-17Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Uckelman
2012-03-17* Must double-backslash regex metacharacters in PHP strings.Joel Uckelman
2012-03-01Updated install instructions.Joel Uckelman
2012-03-01Improved test.Joel Uckelman
2012-03-01build_post should prepend Re: for replies.Joel Uckelman
2012-03-01Cleanup.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27phpBB 3.0 adds 'Re:' to reply subjects, so we have to strip it on the way out...Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Satisfy phpunit about incomplete tests.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Strip Re and tags from Subject of incoming mail.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Renamed.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Use new build_email_subject implementation for outgoing mail.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Remove Edit marker from incoming mail, add it to outgoing mail.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Renamed functions in build_email.php.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Fixed problem with expected exceptions.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Removed obsolete require_once for PHPUnit/Framework.php.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Set the timezone so the header tests make the right Date headers.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Converted some tests to use dataProviders.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Cosmetic.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27build_email_subject passes tests now.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Removed unused function.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Cosmetic.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE is useless, as it gives start offsets, not end offsets, a...Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Don't require PHPUnit/Framework.php for phpunit >= 3.6.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Trim subject before returning.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Expected and actual were backwards.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Typos.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-26Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Uckelman
2012-02-27Typos.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-26Typo.Joel Uckelman
2012-02-27Added built_post_subject for stripping tags and Re's added by mailing lists.Joel Uckelman
2011-09-26Removed SVN $Id$.Joel Uckelman
2011-09-26No longer needed, we don't remove message ids from the DB now.Joel Uckelman
2011-09-26Don't delete message id's from the post DB, as this prevents replies coming i...Joel Uckelman
2011-09-26Adjusted attachment writer URL.Joel Uckelman
2011-09-26Added SQL schema for tests of phpbb3 users table.Joel Uckelman
2010-12-17Missing semicolon.uckelman
2010-12-16Added a FIXME.uckelman
2010-12-16Corrected tests.uckelman
2010-12-16Added tests for In-Reply-To fix.uckelman
2010-12-16In-Reply-To headers are not always just a message id, try to parse out the me...uckelman
2010-11-25* Broke out From construction.uckelman
2010-11-25Ack. More quote fixing.uckelman